Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ravenwood Radio 14 & What I've Been Up To

How's it going, everyone? I'm listening currently to Ravenwood Radio 14 as I post this, so I think I'm gonna have fun and critique it a bit. But first, I know, you guys really wanna hear what I've got to say about Ravenwood Radio, I wanna just let everyone know what I've been up to lately...

Okay, oops! I've got ONE more thing to go before my little update and my critiquing Ravenwood Radio. David's poster pictures! I know, this one has taken a WHILE for us to get cracking on... Here's the pics; I took them myself, and I think they're pretty nice...

I think that they might go off the page here on this post, but I hope that the large size will work okay when you put them into a photo editor or whatever that it'll look okay. If the pictures don't have very good resolution, or you'd just like a "fresh" copy, email me at and I'll send one right away for you.

Onto what I've been doing lately! Interesting, isn't it?
Today, I went Ruffian killing on Michael RainHeart. I must say, ever since playing a Life Wizard, I've realized it's very good that I've played Storm before Life. The kill-ability of Storm makes playing a Life Wizard even MORE of a breeze in these solo mob fights. People who are saying that Life has got low damage- what the heckhound? It isn't hard to get high damage on a Theurgist. You've got so much health that you can blade away while the mobs hack at your health. Then, when you feel like it, you kill.
Fun, right? Here's some "screenies" (quote Autumn DuskHunter):

I thought that this shot was pretty funny. Michael is soooo pompous, you know (like the new hat?). As soon as he captures his last Rat (Lord Penny :)), he decides to humiliate the rates of Marleybone further by standing around them and waving his new badge in their face. 

Woot! Mooooore rat-killing! Now onto Dustin... I've been questing in Grizzleheim a bit... Well, I was until disappointment just got to big. Here's my quest-

*sigh* However, those pesky little "Collect" quests make me crazy, and when I failed on my 1st try to collect and, I kind of just wandered away, wallowing in self-pity. 

Just look at that ridiculous Quest Helper down there, tormenting me with the fact that I haven't collected any of the Feathers yet... Speaking of annoying, let's look at the main quest-giver in Grizzleheim-

It's crazy, as I soon as I finish one quest in there, Hrafn goes ahead and gives me another one. And what does he do for the hours when I'm not online? EH? It's not like he hasn't got times on his hands... Annnnyway, I found a pretty cool place for Ice Wizards to take pictures for their Student Elections Poster, or just a profile picture or something. Here, check it out-

It's in an ice tunnel in Ravenscar. Here is the location on the Map-

Does everyone see the little green arrow on the Map? Cool.

Now time for Critic MoonCatcher to give a little chat.
Overall, great Ravenwood Radio episode, Stephen & Leesha. Really great. 
I love the new segment called Study Hall, what a funny name... Giving a specialized segment for every School on every episode is an excellent idea, which SpiralCast has also been doing. Great podcast! However, regarding that segment, I think that it is a little bit... unfair... that people who aren't adults-


-can't be on the segment. Many of the great bloggers in the Wizard 101 Community are not adults. I'm not an adult, and I would love to be in Study Hall. I think that me all deserve an explanatory reason for why kids can't be on the show if they podcast themselves. Are you guys worried about parental controls or things like that? Also, why did Steve not even mention WandCast at all? He was there at the live show, you know? And we mention Ravenwood Radio all the time on WandCast... Whatever. Sorry to wine to all of you ;-) 

Anyway, Happy Earth Day!

Keep on Casting,

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  1. Ha ha Dustin I got my sub to the game a week ago and less than a week I finished all of GH... Just need one more book from Winterdeep Warren and need to finish Helgrid Warden too...

    Um, at Ravesncar you'll do quests for this big helephant dude after your done your going to have to solo him he is fire 7,000 health rank blah blah... Then activate the candles so you can fight the ravens wish ya the best of luck!