Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Sentences from The King

Um, did anyone think that we weren't gonna hear back from the King of Gobblers, Jeff Toney? Well, now I get to rub in your face that we did hear back from him the very day I sent him a message!

Okay, so basically I just let him know that we'd moved, and to change the link on the Fansites & Links page on


"I'll pass this on the Greyrose. Thanks for the info."
Um, how awesome is that?!? Pretty cool!

Keep on Casting, 

No, I'm sorry, I just cannot end on that note. As I was typing the signature W101 Info "Keep on Casting", I was overtaken by a serious combustion and realization of frustration. Look, I think it looks really weird to sign off these posts as "-Dustin" as I do frequently! As I was thinking about how uncool I believe it to be, I figured, "Why not sign off as -D.?" That would rock! HOWEVER, there is another *ahem* friend of mine who shares this blog with me who's name also starts with a D! INFURIATION!
Okay, NAH, I'm no so infuriated at David, but I was just bringing this up as a topic. I wish that I could change my last name in game to Bolt. I can see it now...
"The name's Bolt. Dustin Bolt."
Um, AWESOME! Unfortunately, I can't simply just change the name.
Whatever, I guess MoonCatcher has a bit of a ring to it... But you've gotta put Dustin first, then...
"The name's Dustin. Dustin MoonCatcher." 
Well, now that I've gotten that off of my shoulders....
Keep on Casting,
Dustin MoonCatcher



  1. uh i call my dad D. that would just be weird if you sighned off as D