Monday, April 12, 2010

Congrats, You've Found Us!

Well, you've found the (new) Wizard 101 Info! I'm sorry if we've upset anyone by moving, but we've decided that Blogger really does suit us what we want to do with blogging better.
AND so here we go. It'll be as if nothing ever happened! You'll just come here instead of our old URL. Does this work with everyone? Please, let us know if you're not okay with us being on Blogger. We love blogging, and don't think it matters so much which provider we use...
Enough of this rant. Thanks for checking out Wizard 101 Info!



  1. see my comment on A test simply.

  2. Do you still want me to make you a header? And I'm glad you've finally seen the blogger light at the end of the tunnel.