Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Signing Off Until The New Year

After listening to a fabulous new episode of Ravenwood Radio (on which I didn't win a fancy Wizard101 Mantasy Falace), David and I are posting together tonight to conclude the year of 2010.

We've had an amazing year with everyone in the Wizard101 online community. We wish you all a new year full of despair, shame, reluctance, and pity (for the record, just kidding).

Thanks to one and all, especially Luke GoldHorn. And Friendly. And Steve.

Oh, don't get me started. There's just been so many people that have been helping me and David though Wizards.

I know you'll miss us these next few days as we sign off on blogging until the new year.

A huge congratulations to Ashley SeaBreeze, who won the contest on Ravenwood Radio. You are to be praised for snatching an MFP rightly-fully from my grasp ;-)

And now, a word from your loony pyromantic friend, Sir David "The Mango" TitanRider, notably famous for his relation to blogging legend Dustin "The Stapler" MoonCatcher.


(For the record, Dusty's the loony one.)
In a nutshell, or mango peel, pick however you wish to summarize it.

Nutshell-A great year, full of craziness, and magical prowess-60 WOOT!

Mango Peel- Slimy, kinda floppy, and a bit overrated :) lol
(Thats for you Friendly)
"Forget Grammar"-Dustin (as he stares at the screen as I type)-lol

Ok now for safety tips with David!

Mango's are floppy, and rather slimy if you step into a random room with Mango skin carpet.
SOOO Naturally you call the police about a wackjob with mango's on his carpet-xD

I wish you all a good ol happy new year, and (>^.^>  KIRBY!

(so off topic)

This is Dustin and David signing off!

( NOT)  xD
Keep on Casting! ( or having your mentally deranged cousin (AHEM) hack at you with a giant Nerf Sword-HELP ME-)

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