Monday, December 27, 2010

DING! Lvl 60!!!!! :D

Its official folks, We are LEGENDS! (or even more so ;)
So when Dustin and I were on tonight we had to fight our way deep into the rust covered ship. The Calypso!
Yeah I know, Screen capture +Ninja Jump=PICTURE FAILURE
But hey! Its still a memory.
So after A Efreet, a Leviathan, and a Triton=
Lol I know, epic triton face glitch :D.(or was that there for a reason? ;) )
So after Dusty's and I's battle (grammar fail :( ) We were astounded achieved this!
EPICNESS! good ol Calypso decided to hand over our keys to success-just plain old Glory.
Here's my stats now.
Now all thats left is to plan the rest of our Wandcast Holiday show, and prepare for some epic walrus on the field. ;) I'm sure Kestrel brought the mango's too.
Lol Life=GOOD.

Adios Guys,
Keep on Casting! :)

-David TitanRider (Who it will now show as "Posted By David TitanRider" or something like that below the posts)