Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Man, I haven't posted in a WHILE. A LONG time. A VERY LONG time. I hope you guys don't hate me to much.

You probably do. I knew I shouldn't have started the Musings blog.

Well, you guys will be happy to know that the holiday season is giving me loads of nostalgia. The holiday season is also giving you a brand new, renewed, vibed up, Wizard 101 Info!

Keep on checking this blog, guys, because David and I are working behind the scenes to get a special event going with a couple of blogging buddies.

Stay tuned, guys! Keep on checking here... and my Musings blog :P

Keep on Casting,

D. MoonCatcher



  1. I will always be with w101 info as long as there are updates, Dustin. :)

    Keep on casting,

    -Natalie Lotustheif

  2. I really don't see why you "don't have time" for W101 Info, and yet DO have time for another blog...? I say quit Musings and just put all that on this blog.

    Just IMHO...

  3. Hey Kestrel! How's Sir Whiskers Christopherson Hentington Porpington Podmore the first doing?

    lol :D