Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early Questing in the Crustacean Empire

David and I got a little bit of questing done today in the Crustacean Empire. It's been really bothering him how all of the Crabs have speech impediments.
If the Crab's speech impediments are bothersome to you, kindly turn off the voice-overs feature and be done. I like the Crabs. There.
Today was the first time we ran into Thurston Plunkett, the fabled Marleybonian leader of the Celestian expediation.
The dude's pretty short. That's all I'm saying. (Sorry, Professor Balestrom! I had too!)

So that was cool. (Please leave your ridiculing comments on Plunkett's height in the comments section below, but don't tell Professor Balestrom!) ;-)
Soon after the quest where you meet Plunkett, there's a quest to collect sea mold. I put together a guide for you guys since the quest helper doesn't work for this.


Hope this helps anyone who's looking for mold for this quest!
I'll keep you guys posted on our questing... Until then...
Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher

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