Monday, January 3, 2011

Some Wacky Observations and Experiences

It's the last day of my winter break, and I've been cramming in all the Wizard101 I can before school picks up and my game time is dramatically shortened. In fact, with my Bar Mitzvah less than two weeks away, a science project underway, and the second semester of school starting, I seriously doubt I'll be playing at all.

With that said, I'd like to share some interesting/funny observations and experiences (hence the title) with you guys.

So David, the lucky little romancer *s'cuse me* Pyromancer, is currently down in Florida chilling in the real Wizarding World. He pretty much forced me before he left to promise that I'd look after his garden for him, a promise I might need to break because of that school thing most of us do.

I haven't gardened much on Dustin yet, so I found this to be a really fun experience... So far. Here's a really neat spell I used...

Neat, right? Love the look of that...

Also, and call me weird, I saw this Pickle plant (I think it's called the Fickle Pickle), that weirdly resembles Paul McCartney. PLEASE tell me you guys know who Paul McCartney is.

Can anyone else see it? In the face? No? Leave a comment!

Oh, yeah, and what the HECK is THIS pet?

Where did that thing come from? It's freaking awesome! Please, leave a comment if you know...

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. The Life Cyclops comes from the CvS 20$ gift cards.

  2. That was certainly most helpful! Thanks.

  3. That totally looks like Paul McCartney!

  4. paul McCartney is one of the two singers of the beetles still alive. anyone who didnt know that i will slap. anyways nice blog, and your right the ice pest thing is pretty cool.

  5. Keeeping it cool, last days of winter break.

  6. ...Wow... It really does look like Paul McCartney! Especially older photos of him ( at least in my opinion )

    There are lots of music references in wizard101, so you never know, it might actually be based on him!

  7. Oh my gawd it does look like Paul McCartney!
    By the way... all you people who don't know who the heck Paul McCartney is, he's one of the two members of the Beatles that are still alive (the other being Ringo Starr). Don't know the Beatles... well, you've got some learning to do.

    But seriously... if you don't know Paul McCartney I will scream.

  8. Woah....that pickle. Hmmm it has the eye lashes! Yup that's Paulie!