Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What I'm Doin'.

Okay, so I've made up my mind about what I'm going to do about my current dilemma. (Just read that post I linked to remember my position.)

I have decided first off to let you know about what I'm going to do regarding WandCast. I'm really sad to say this, but I just have to take a hiatus from it for an episode or two. It's been pretty stressful being the only one on the show who actually has to do technical stuff (no offense at all to my "co-workers"). Every show, I've got to broadcast the whole thing while recording it while doing the Skype call. Then, afterward, I'm the one who has to edit it (which means re-listening to the whole show pretty much sentence by sentence and cutting out all the junk David says *wink*) Why? Maybe it's just because I'm good at it. But during my hiatus, Kestrel and David will need to step up to the tasks themselves, and I'm interested in seeing how they do. Maybe, after I get back, we can split up the responsibilities a bit more evenly. Also, the reason you haven't seen WandCast 10 out yet is because we (well, since I'm on a hiatus, David and Kestrel) are thinking about re-shooting it due to technical problems and an overall not-good-enough problem.

Alright, so now I'm moving on. I've decided to keep up with Wizard101 Info full time. It was my first ever connection to this fabulous community, and it's going to get better and better as we get closer (and when) to Celestia's release. Yes, this means that I will be picking up with posts again. (I'm really sorry about the lack of 'em! I've actually got a lot to talk about with you guys.)

And finally, I've got a huge new project coming out. If you are a good writer and would be willing to write, email me (wizard101stuff@gmail.com). That's all I'm sayin'.

Well, guys, lemme know what you think of my decision! This is King Boom signing off.

Keep on Casting,
D. MoonCatcher


  1. Aww... be back soon! :(

    As for technical difficulties, yeah we all have them. Broadcasting live and editing, I dont bother to do either! After my experiences with live broadcasting, the technical errors for me are too much, so I simply record now meaning less stress. And editing? Sometimes the best stuff isnt edited. I listen to quite a few unedited podcast and most of them are great! I do have great respect for the effort that you all put into wandcast, and I maintain that it is a great show- keep up the good work and enjoy your hiatus but dont be too long! D:

    PS. Looking forward to the big project ;D

  2. Oh and by the way good luck with your IRL adventures! And to be fair, real life usually does have to come before a game. :(

    See ya soon!

  3. U hav to feel good about your decision dustin not us its up to u