Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Struggle between the 2(and more) worlds.....

David here, while I am here typing loudly and fastly on this laptop, i am forcefully compelled to write about recent events in W101. Today, I got cursed at. /shrug  oh well, it tends to happen, so us wizards have to leave with they're heads held high, and buzzing clouds of hate forming ideas in your brain. Also(totally different subject) I FINALLY got to Disc 2 on Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope!  Its pretty fun and addictive, just google it, and get a game idea. (NTF(Note to Friendly: How far have you gotten through FF13?)) Anyways, the world of wizard101 is a fun, but dangerous place full of scams, traps, and inappropriate content for children before the age of 9/10. I am at the beach condo and am forced to take my break of the Xbox360 for a while :-( but I can wait. I hope dearly that I can get off of this planet Roak and onto EnII,  lol, I feel geeky now. Anyway.... life is goooooooood, and today i went fishing and caught a.......eel.  yep a EEL. It was slimy gross and all around AWESOME!!!!!!   :)   I gotta start practicing for multiple stuff, Bar Mitzvah among other things, and finishing up summer school work. :(  But I should stop ranting now, THATS Dustin's job jk  :D   :P  Its a good reassurance that i at least have good friends on wiz101  :-)  so thanks, and Congratz to Donna Spellthorn on crafting a Mannequin. I should be going so peace out everyone!!!!!!

-David TitanRider

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  1. Yeah I had to report some people today too. This is a KIDS GAME people!