Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Ball, The Daughter, & The Alt

Yes, I AM the last to post about it. But I really don't care. I'm still  doing my civic duty by posting about it... so HA! Yes, yes... Anyway, Fallon ShadowBlade from Diary of a Wizard had this really cool idea- the first ever Ravenwood Ball. If you plan on attending, here's the lowdown. Definitely check it out before walking on into the party... There's a couple things you need to know about attending. Speaking of the Ravenwood Ball, I am most definitely attending... Anyone up for seeing my outfit? Yes? Really, come on now? Do you guys REALLY wanna see it? I guess I'd better show it to you-
[***UPDATE*** I know, the pics are gonna LOOK small from here on out. BUT, you CAN click on them to enlarge them to SUPERSIZE! Thanks for reading! ***UPDATE***]
Yes, purple and pink. I am going for the grand and awesome affect. Do NOT even tell me for a second that it looks goofy. Rock on!

Onto The Daughter! Recently, Autumn DuskHunter, the renowned blogger from Homework in a Graveyard, "returned from the dead" just in time for Celestia... Apparently, she's not the only one in her family that's come back to party with all of us in the Spiral. I got the excellent opportunity today to meet Autumn's young Necromantic daughter, Ashley DuskHunter!
A whole gang of bloggers and just reg. players alike gathered to greet Ashley.
Us doing yet some more Ashley crowding...
Ashley- It was great fun to meet you and hang out with you. I hope to meet Autumn soon as well... if, that is, she's willing to face a very scary prospect: Facing a HUGE fan.

Lastly, THE ALT! In a momentous epiphany today, I realized that I still had my Garment of the Triton Robe from way back in my Level 35 days. I'm so excited that it can now be put to some serious killing use!


Keep on Casting,


  1. Thanks for helping Ashley feel at home. This community is absolutely the best.

    As for me..."soon enough" ;)

  2. Yea thnx! I had a real great time meeting everyone! You were all so Nice! I had a great time just hanging out! Again Thanks!

    Your Friend,
    Ashley Duskhunter

  3. How did you get your name PURPLE like that?